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Ceramic workshops 

La Colmena Famosa offers pottery workshops from 1 day courses up to 5 days all inclusive (meals, accommodation etc. ) The minimum number of participants is 3 persons.

You can make a choice from one (or more) firing methods: 

1. traditional raku-firing
2. naked-raku and horse hair raku
3. pit-fire

The workshops always start with an explanation of the different firing mehods,  wich type of pot  fits in the best for the firing method and how to build the pots.
When everything is clear you start working and make some objects of your own choice. We work in the morning from 10.00 untill 14.00 hrs. and in the afternoon from 16.00 until aprox. 18.30 hrs. Depending of  the time of the year and the weather these time might be a little bit different.
After making the pieces they need to dry and fired for the first time (biscuit firing). This is a day off for the workshop participants. After the biscuit firing the peaces are prepared for the nexfiring. Putting glaze on or decorating in another way. The spectaculair raku firing always gives surprising results. 

How much do we charge for a workshop:

the price for a 5-day workshop is:
€ 750,00 per person with 3 participants
€ 700,00 per person with 4 participants
€ 650,00 per person with 5 or 6 participants

In this price is included:
- the classes
- the clay
- the glaze
- the firing costs
- the use of materials
- 6 days accommodation, breakfaste included
- lunch at the workshop days
- 5 evening meals

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